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I deal with translations of various types, but I am particularly interested in specialised translations - economic translations (called also business translations) and legal translations. Those fields include, among others, translating: financial documents, annual reports, prospectuses, economic and financial analyses, leaflets, commercial correspondence, inquiries, price lists, product descriptions, banking and financial services descriptions, contracts, rules, business meeting minutes and the like. I also translate master theses, term papers, motivation letters, CVs, presentations, MBA (Master of Business Administration) papers, official speeches and addresses.


Translation services - general rules

I consult translations with experts in particular field of knowledge and I thoroughly check the terminology and current regulations. All this is done for you to receive a product of the highest quality.

Before I hand over a translated document to a client, it is proofread in order to correct spelling and other accidental mistakes. The price covers proofreading service.

In every day work I use computer-assisted translation tools (so called CAT tools), which considerably shortens the time of accomplishing a project and enables working on it in any electronic form.


A large billing page!

My translation agency offers at present the biggest billing page on the market! A 1800-character (counted with spaces) billing page is the basis for calculating the price. After exceeding the multiple of 1800, the number of characters is rounded off to a half of a page if it does not exceed 900 characters and to the whole page if it exceeds 900 characters.


Translation services price list

You will get the preliminary calculation of the price within a few hours after sending the materials to be translated. The price is calculated free of charge on the basis of the materials sent by the ordering party. Valuation depends on the field, type, time and number of billing pages of the order.


Net prices per billing page


PLN 42
translation proofreading
PLN 19
proofreading of a text written in English
PLN 15
proofreading of a text written in Polish
PLN 15

Pictures and graphs are calculated separately. We do not add VAT - the prices shown are final.


Specialised translations

Specialised translations require not only the knowledge of language, but also the expertise in a particular field. They also involve considerable responsibility and that is why the price of accomplishing a specialised translation is increased by up to 40% of the sum calculated on the basis of the rates given above.


Standard translations and fast translations.

A standard translation contains up to 5 billing pages per working day. A fast translation contains from 6 to 10 billing pages per working day. The price of a fast translation is increased by 50%.


Accepting orders and collecting accomplished translations

Accepting orders and collecting accomplished translations are carried out exclusively by email.


Rules of payment

The payment can be made:
- by a bank transfer to the company’s account:

         Linguistic Atelier Barbara Jasinska
          74 1020 1127 0000 1902 0201 0981    (PKO BP);

- by PayPal - an instant payment system

We particularly encourage you to use PayPal. You can find more information on the system clicking the banner below:

The clients who have ordered our services for the first time are asked to pay in advance, which is a requirement for starting a translation.

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